The Importance of Choosing Caring, Knowledgeable Medical Professionals

Following an injury at your place of employment and finding a health center with knowledgeable and caring physicians, and medical staff is essential. Proper treatment ensures that the individual receives the high-quality care he or she deserves and needs to recover from the injuries sustained in the job accident.

At Guardian Angel Health Centers, we provide superior treatment to our patients by utilizing traditional physical therapy methods and latest technology. We also incorporate the most innovative procedures and products to ensure the recovery of our patients.

What's Workers' Compensation?

Workers' compensation (workers’ comp) is a form of accident insurance paid by employers. No payroll deductions are taken out of employees' salaries for this insurance. If you’re injured on the job or acquire a work-related illness, workers’ comp will pay your medical expenses, and if you can’t work, it will also cover wage-loss compensation until you’re able to return to work.